Free Development Workshop

Please note that registration for the open audition on 3 July 2016 is now closed.

8th - 20th August 2016, Berlin, Uferstudios

Our Intensive Workshop is a rare opportunity for professional dancers to experience DV8’s unique working practices.

This two-week intensive course will be led by DV8’s Creative Associate, Hannes Langolf and long standing performer Ermira Goro. It will focus on verbatim physical theatre - the connection between text, meaning and movement - and understanding how body language influences performance.  Dancers will be encouraged to confront their physical habits and develop a strong sensibility for detail and authenticity in choreography and the spoken word.

Thanks to the generous funding received from the Tanja Liedtke Foundation, this workshop will be free of charge.

There are places for 10 female and 10 male participants and we are looking for exceptional performers, who are keen to challenge and develop their training, performance and creative skills. Due to the nature of the work, all participants will need a good command of spoken English.

To find out how to apply click here.

Click below to watch a video from DV8’s previous 2015 Development Workshop in London.