6th - 18th of August, 2018 (Rambert studios, London)

DV8 will be running a two-week intensive workshop in London this summer. The workshop is subsidised by DV8 and free of charge to all participants. We are offering a rare opportunity for professional dancers to experience DV8’s unique working methods.

This free two-week intensive course will be led by the company’s Artistic Director, Lloyd Newson, along with Creative Associate Hannes Langolf and long-term DV8 performer Ermira Goro. It will focus on verbatim physical theatre – the connection between text, meaning and movement – and understanding how body language influences performance. Dancers will be encouraged to confront their physical habits and develop a strong sensibility for detail and authenticity in choreography and the spoken word.


Participants will be selected at an open audition held at Rambert Studios, 99 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP, United Kingdom. 

Open audition date: Sunday, 1 July 2018 at 10am.

Entry is by in-person audition only and you must register in advance to audition. Please complete the form below in order to register for the open audition.

There are 20 workshop places available.  

The workshop is free of charge - subsidised by DV8 Physical Theatre. However, all successful applicants will be asked for a £200 deposit to secure their place. This will be returned to you once you have completed the full two-week workshop. 

Click HERE to watch a video from DV8’s previous 2015 Development Workshop in London.

See HERE for FAQs


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Below is a summary of common questions that we are asked about our intensive workshops

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How do I apply for the free workshop?

You will need to attend our open audition. To do this, you must register by completing the form on this web page. 

What does the application involve?

You will be asked to submit your CV, a current headshot and your contact details.

What happens to my personal information when I upload it?

For those who gain a place on our workshop (or waiting list), we will store your personal information for up to 2 years, in case we wish to contact you about further opportunities / a job. For all other applicants we will retain your personal information confidentially for up to 3 months after your audition, at which point we will delete it. However, you will have the option to join our mailing list to stay in touch about future opportunities.

By submitting your registration for the audition you are agreeing that we will keep your details on our records as outlined above and in our privacy policy. We will not share your information with third parties and will retain it only for DV8's own reference purposes. Monitoring information will be stored anonymously and separately from your details.

Can anyone apply?

This opportunity is open to all dancers and choreographers at professional or advanced student levels. Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old.

When is the open audition?

Sunday, 1 July 2018 at 10am. 

Where is the open audition located?  

The audition will be held at Rambert Studios, 99 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP, United Kingdom. 

Are Rambert Studios accessible?

Yes. Rambert Studios are wheelchair accessible. If you would like to discuss an access requirement further please email [email protected]

Does auditioning cost?

The audition itself is free of charge, subsidised by DV8 Physical Theatre. However, you will need to cover all other costs, including your accommodation & travel to get there.

Are there any bursaries for the audition or workshop?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any bursaries, as the audition and workshop are already subsidised by DV8 Physical Theatre.

What will DV8 be looking for?

We are looking for exceptional dancers, who are keen to challenge and develop their training, performance and creative skills.

I am and actor / performer interested in auditioning. How much dance training is required of your participants?

DV8 Physical Theatre works with and encourages applications from performers of a variety of skilled backgrounds. However, this workshop will specifically require a refined level of physical understanding of all successful participants and every workshop day will start with a high-level dance class.

Can I send a video audition?

No. It is important to us that all applicants audition in-person.

Will the audition be held in English?

Yes - both the audition and two-week workshop will be held in English. Due to the nature of the work, all participants must have an excellent command of spoken English.

How long is the audition?

The audition day will start promptly at 10am, the call will finish by 6pm. However, all participants will be required to arrive early to check-in. Each participant will be allocated an audition group and a time slot. Please note, your time slot may require you to return later in the day. We request that you arrive in good time.

How will the audition be run? Will the company class be observed?

In the first audition round, you will be led through a technical dance class, followed by tasked improvisations. All sessions will be observed.

Do I need to prepare anything?

There is no need to prepare anything. You will be fully led through the audition.

What should I wear?

Please wear clothes you are comfortable moving in.

How many rounds are there?  

In order to find the 20 participants, there will be several culls throughout the day. The latest call will finish by 6pm.

Will the audition/workshop be filmed or photographed?

The audition may be filmed or photographed for reference purposes only.

How many workshop places are available?

We have 20 workshop places available.

When will I hear if I am successful?

Successful participants will hear from us by the 4th  of July.



When is the workshop?

6th - 18th August 2018.

When will the workshop run daily?

The two-week workshop will run six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a rest day.

Every day will start promptly with class at 10am and finish at 5pm.

Where is the workshop?

The workshop will be held at Rambert Studios, 99 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP, United Kingdom

Who will lead the workshop?

The workshop will be led by Lloyd Newson, with Hannes Langolf & Ermira Goro.

How much is the workshop?

The workshop itself is free of charge - subsidised by DV8 Physical Theatre. However, you will need to cover all other costs, including your accommodation & travel to get there. 

Are there any other expenses to consider?

PLEASE NOTE: All successful workshop applicants will be asked for a £200 deposit to secure their place. This will be returned to you once you have completed the full two-week workshop. All workshop participants will need to sign a workshop agreement to confirm that you agree to and adhere to the 'Dancer Guidelines' outlined in the welcome pack provided to successful applicants.