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  • Clues in the text

Clues in the Text

Using the interviewees’ words to influence the movement and staging of the scene.

Production: To Be Straight With You

Scene: To Be Straight With You

The dancer performs abstract movement to a soundtrack made from variations of the phrase ‘to be straight with you’ taken from an interviewee.

Dissecting the scene

Can you think of reasons why the director chose this specific style of movement? What adjectives would you use to describe the movement? How do these adjectives connect to the repeated line of text?


The choreography is based on the idea of a man who hides his homosexuality by pretending to be heterosexual (straight). Consequently, the performer dances with straight limbs trying not to be ‘bent’ (bent being a slang term for gay). The stiff, angular, awkward movement appears strained, difficult and ‘unnatural’, building to the comment ‘I’m gay, don’t tell no one’ at the end of the speech.