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NOTE Reviews of individual productions are listed under the revelant show names in the project index.

Anderson, Zoë | DV8
    Dancing Times |  London | Nov 1995, p123, illust
    subject: Enter Achilles

Buckland, Fiona | Towards a Language of the Stage : the Work of DV8 Physical Theatre
    New Theatre Quarterly, vol 11, no.44 | Cambridge | Nov 1995, p371-380
    subjects: sex in dance, methodology, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men

Carter, Gary | In the Plush Hush of the Mainstream
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 10, no.4 | London | autumn 1993, illust
    subjects: wide-ranging discussion, MSM

Constanti, Sophie | Giving Birth to Dead Dreams
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 6, no.4 | London | spring 1989, p5-6, illust
    subjects: Newson interview, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men

Constanti, Sophie | Dance scene: DV8
    The Dancing Times | London | Oct 1990, p37, illust
    subject: "if only..."

Dixon, Mike | Filming Enter Achilles
    Dance Europe, no.2 | London | Feb/Mar 1996, p13-15, illust
    subjects: dance on film, Enter Achilles

Harvie, Jen | DV8's can we afford this: The Cost of Devising on Site for Global Markets
    Theatre Research International, vol 27, no.1 | London | 2002, p68-77, illust

Hutera, Donald | Lloyd Newson: Only Connect | full text 
    Dance Umbrella Newsletter, issue 5 | London | spring 2000
    subject: can we afford this

Jackson, Paul | Becoming Lloyd
    Dance Now, vol 4, no.3 | London | autumn 1995, p65-7, illust
    subjects: Newson interview, Enter Achilles

Lawrence, Matthew | London (GB): DV8 Physical Theatre breaking down the barriers
    Ballett international, vol 13, no.9 | Köln | Sep 1990, p30-2, illust
    subject: Newson/Houstoun interview

Leask, Josephine | The Silence of the Man : an essay on Lloyd Newson's Physical Theatre | full text 
    Ballett International/Tanz Aktuell [English ed.] | Aug/Sep 1995, p48-53, illust
    subjects: Dead Dreams, Strange Fish, Enter Achilles

Mackrell, Judith | Post-modern Dance in Britain
    Dance Research, vol 9, no.1 | London | spring 1991, p40-57, illust

Maskey, Jacqueline | The Dance: Pain, Real Pain: it looms large at the Brooklyn's Next Wave Festival
    Musical America | May 1989, p11-12

Meisner, Nadine | You Must Go On
    Dance and Dancers | London | Oct 1990, p18-9, illust

Meisner, Nadine | Strange Fish | [introduction] ... full text 
Dance and Dancers | London | Jul 1992, p10-13, illust
subject: Strange Fish

Murray, Jan | Nothing Pretty
    Dance Australia, issue 109 | Sydney | Aug/Sep 2000, p28-31, illust
    subjects: commentary on DV8, can we afford this (Wasted)

Newson, Lloyd | Lloyd Newson on Dance ... full text
    Dance Now, vol 2, no.2 | London | summer 1993, p11-13, illust
    subject: Newson on Newson

Parry, Jann | Strange Fish
    Dance Now, vol 1, no.3 | London | autumn 1992, p22-7, illust
    subject: Strange Fish

Perlmutter, Donna | Reviews, national : DV8 Physical Theatre
    Dance Magazine, vol 1, no.3 | New York | Feb 1998, p110-111, illust
    subject: Enter Achilles

Prickett, Stacey Profile: Lloyd Newson
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 19, no.1 | London | winter 2003, p27-31, illust
    subjects: survey -- Dead Dreams to the cost of living

Rowe, Nicholas | Nicholas Rowe Meets the Godfather of Physical Theatre
    Dance Europe, no.24 | Oct/Nov 1999, p13-7, illust
    subject: Newson interview

Rubidge, Sarah | Political Dance
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 7, no.2 | London | autumn 1989, p25-7, illust
    subjects: politics in dance, feminism, satire

Sanchez-Colberg, Ana
    Altered States & Subliminal Spaces: Charting the Road towards a Physical Theatre
    Performance Research, 1:2 | New York | Routledge 1996, p40-56, illust

Sayers, Lesley-Anne | Dance Theatre at Dance Umbrella from DV8 to Second Stride
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 6, no.4 | London | spring 1989, p28-30, illust

Shank, Theodore
    Physical Risk and Emotional Vulnerability: Lloyd Newson and DV8 Physical Theatre
    Theatre Forum, no.3 | spring 1993, p12-22, illust

Snape, Libby | Lloyd on Love: Lloyd Newson Talks to Libby Snape
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 15, no.2  | London | autumn 1999, p8-12, illust
    subjects: Newson on dance, The Happiest Day of My Life

Solway, Andy | Lloyd Newson Interview
    New Dance | London | autumn 1995

Spångberg, Mårten | On Stage : A Sitcom in the Pool
    Ballett International/Tanz Aktuell [English ed.] | Jul 1999, p44, illust
    subject: The Happiest Day of My Life

Watson, Keith | Enter Achilles
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 12, no.3 | London | winter 1995, p18-19, illust
    subjects: sex in dance, Enter Achilles

Winter, Christoph | Love and Language or Only Connect the Prose and the Passion
    Dance Theatre Journal, vol 7, no.2 | London | autumn 1989, illust


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