Press Release

written in 1990


"DV8 Physical Theatre is theatrically brilliant, funny, frightening, bizarre and erotic ...
superbly devised ... breathtakingly risky ..." London Evening Standard


"Dancers struggle with an unknown force to gain control of their bodies; one falls, another seeks to fly. Each player struggles to find a voice so as to be heard, but their words remain soundless."

DV8 Physical Theatre's new work is a direct response to the despair and loneliness evoked by their last production, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men, in which the performers were slaves to their desires and the environment they inhabited, victims of the sadness and oppression which surrounded them. "if only ..." looks at our attempts to determine the paths our lives take, examining the relentless search for fulfillment, and the belief that there is something better within our reach, if only we knew where and how to find it.