Press Release

written in 1992


Since the successful tour of "if only..." (1990), members of DV8 have been involved in numerous different projects: Nigel Charnock and Wendy Houstoun pursued their solo work, Lloyd Newson choreographed Mazeppa for the Netherlands Opera and is currently collaborating with director David Hinton to translate Strange Fish into a film for television.


In the Autumn of 1991, DV8 held workshops and auditions with selected dancers in London and Barcelona to explore some of the ideas generated during the company's research through the year. The final piece will be the result of a collaboration between the company, led by Lloyd Newson.

"This piece is about friendship," Lloyd explains, "and about the search for something or someone to believe in. It looks at how misunderstandings affect our relationships and how in turn these begin to influence what we ultimately believe. It questions whether our need for love and intimacy saves or enslaves us. Is it lack of belief in ourselves that drives us to place our hopes in things beyond our immediate lives? The need to maintain faith and belief often distorts perception: through anticipation and expectation we create situations in our minds that can never match reality and by doing so perpetuate dissatisfaction with what life has to offer."

"Be as ignorant of what you are going to catch as a fisherman of what is at the end of his fishing rod"
Buddist saying