Critical Opinions

“DV8…have always been well ahead of the game. Now, just at a point when others are catching up, Newson reinvents the rules with this. To Be Straight With You is a hard hitting and passionate 80 minutes that expresses what is often left unsaid…you will not be able to resist this brave, life-affirming show.”

The Guardian

“DV8 Physical Theatre's stunning new show can fairly be described as a short, sharp shock. Measured and extensively researched, it's the most informative 75 minutes I have spent in a theatre for a long time, yet also the most magical. DV8's artistic director Lloyd Newson is a theatrical genius, worthy of comparison with Peter Brook in his prime.”
The Birmingham Post

“Visionary and artistically magnificent … highly political dance theatre: angry, powerful and emotional.”
Neues Deutschland

"…a dynamic, disturbing work, … staged with vivid imagination, daring and technological skill."
The Australian

"Wonderfully creative...these performers really dazzle"
Irish Independent

"Profoundly political and personally devastating...DV8's defiant grammar of dance and physical movement provides a liberating language of corporeal joy"
The Irish Times

"London's DV8 Physical Theatre has created an unforgettable piece of performance art with To Be Straight With You...politically timely and emotionally charged"
Santa Barbara Independent



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