This website provides a comprehensive range of information about DV8, past and present, which replaces the written information packs sent out previously.

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Toured the UK and Europe in 2014 and 2015. Click here for a full list of venues.
For production credits and all tour dates see production details.

A PDF (430kb) Workpack is available here.


  • Production Team and Cast Credits
  • Foreword by Lloyd Newson
  • Journey of the Production - Workflow chart
  • "Creating JOHN" blog by DV8's Company Manager
  • Tasks for teachers and students
  • Scene-by-Scene Synopsis
  • Text for Scene 8


Can We Talk About This?

Toured in autumn 2011 and spring 2012.
For cast, press release, tour etc., see production details.


Time Out Sydney | Rebecca Saffir | 26th August 2011
Sydney Morning Herald | Jill Sykes | 27th August 2011
The Australian | Deborah Jones | 29th August 2011
The Telegraph | Dominic Cavendish | 10th November 2011
Whatsonstage | Matt Trueman | 13th March 2012
Evening Standard | Clifford Bishop | 13th March 2012
Financial Times | Sarah Hemming | 13th March 2012
Pandaemonium | Kenan Malik | 18th March 2012
A response to Kenan Malik's Review: We Should Talk About This | Lloyd Newson | 26th May 2012


A PDF (230kb) workpack published by The National Theatre is available here.


  • cast and crew credits
  • foreword by Lloyd Newson
  • show creation workflow chart
  • interviews with performers: Hannes Langolf and Seeta Patel
  • Q&A with designer Anna Fleischle
  • tasks for teachers and students
  • list of main characters in order of appearance

To Be Straight With You

Toured spring and autumn 2008, tours again autumn and winter 2009.
For cast, press release, tour, etc., see production details.


Q&A with Lloyd Newson | press information | Nov 2007


The Guardian | Lyn Gardner | 15th April 2008
The Times | Donald Hutera | 21st April 2008
The Birmingham Post | Terry Grimley | 23rd May 2008
The Irish Times | Sara Keating | 2nd October 2009
Irish Theatre Magazine | Michael Seaver | 3rd October 2009
Culture Spot LA | Colleen McLellan | 7th November 2009
Los Angeles Times | Lewis Segal | 8th November 2009
San Francisco Gate | Allan Ulrich | 14th November 2009
Santa Barbara Independent | Elizabeth Schwyzer | 20th November 2009
The Globe and Mail | Paula Citron | 28th November 2009
The Toronto Star | Michael Crabb | 2nd December 2009


A pdf (230kb) workpack published by The National Theatre is available here.


  • foreword by Lloyd Newson
  • show creation workflow chart
  • a performer's experience: Ankur Bahl
  • Q&A with sound designer Adam Hooper
  • tasks for teachers and students

You might also be interested in the organisation called Schools OUT, which provides a support network for anybody wanting to raise the issues of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in an education context. Teaching packs, information, model policies and lesson plans are all available from their website ...


Interviews with Lloyd Newson exploring creative methods, subject matters, art form etc. can be found here.

An index of reviews for DV8 productions can be found here.


Due to the sheer weight of the demands on his time and the hectic schedule of the company, it is not possible for Lloyd Newson to answer individual queries for projects or dissertations.